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Small but effective

Minibikes are little motocross, less heavy, less power, more agility and less tiresome they are more accessible but, like classic motocross, provide a lot of sensations!  Also called Dirt bike, this motocross makes the happiness of young but also less young! These types of bike are very adapted for ladies too. You will love these bikes!

Spare parts and accessories for minibike

In this rubric, you will found all you need for improve maintain or repair your pit bike. Like classic motocross, these minimoto require also a lot of maintenance, and this is very important for your security. In fact, you must clean and control your bike after each ride, certain points are very important like brake, transmission, clutch…  At Bud Racing, we know the enthusiasm for the minimotos produce! And that’s why we propose a lot of spare parts for a lot of models of dirt bike.

We are here for you

Of course, our team will make a pleasure to respond to your questions. You can contact us by phone or on our Facebook page.

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