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The importance of the chassis 

A good engine in a bad chassis doesn’t work; that’s why it’s primary to upgrade this part. Discover here, a selection of racing parts for suspensions, wheels, drive, brakes

Working on the chassis of your motocross, you can improve the agility and the comfort. Each rider has his preferences, some prefers hard suspensions, and other prefers soft suspensions. Bud Racing is a specialist of suspensions since many years. That’s why we propose a special service of suspensions tunning. It changes the comportment of your motocross because it’s totally adapted to your preferences.

The settings 

Some settings are easy to modify like levers, handlebars. We can raise it, lower it, advance it and move it back… It’s also easy to modify the levers position for a best feeling and a best control of your dirt bike.

Tires are very important in motocross. Bud Racing offers different type to be always adapted to the ground.  For example, we propose special tires for sand. They allow a better traction.

We are here for you

Of course, our team will make a pleasure to answer your questions. You can contact us by phone or on our Facebook page.

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