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Handlebar, Clamps, Levers

Handlebar, clamps, levers

The steering position is very important in motocross. This allows to accelerate, turn or stop the bike. Your steering position must be as natural as possible, indeed, a good position on the motocross is very important to be smooth.

Bud Racing offers a lot of racing spare parts, light and strong; they are used in competition by our team.

Competition spares parts 

For example, the triple clamps BUD Racing are CNC machined in aluminum. Bar mounts come with adjustable notches for a larger choice of handlebar set up. Thanks to this, each rider can accord his steering position perfectly.

We propose also the famous Neken bar with smooth feeling system: quality, style and excellent feeling. They are available in several sizes for according to each rider and morphology. The smooth feeling system is simple: end of bars are thinner, thanks to this, we can install bigger grips for more comfort and better control.   

Finally, levers are very fragile, regularly, they broke when the rider fall. Don’t worry, Bud Racing propose brake and clutch levers for a lot of motocross and enduro bikes.

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