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Rims, Wheels, Tires

Importance of wheels 

Without wheels, it’s impossible for you to move forward, that’s why they are so important. Indeed, a good traction given by good tires makes the difference on the track. Furthermore, you can personalize your wheels with lot of spares parts available like: hub, rimsspokes in a large choice of colors.

Chose the good tire 

Tires are very important in motocross; you must chose your tires  according to the ground for best efficiency. Each tire is different, for example, a sand tire has very big crampon for a good traction and a better control. We can also change the pressure into tires for more comfort or more traction. Be careful, if the pressure is too low, you have more chance to puncture the tire. That’s why we propose a system to avoid punctures, this system is: the mousse.  It’s a very simple system; tire tube is replaced by a mousse, and thanks to this system, no more punctures.   

It’s very important to maintain regularly your wheels, they suffer big shock and they are very exposed. We recommend checking the spokes tension after each ride.

We are here for you

Of course, our team will make a pleasure to answer your questions. You can contact us by phone or on our Facebook page.

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